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  • abetec

    December 18, 2018 at 1:43 pm

    Hello Prisma!

    Yes. Look:

    When you press on the Upload button at the Arduino IDE (after installing the drivers and plugins of Controllino to the IDE, what you already did), the IDE first compiles your code again, and if there are no errors, it uploads it to the Controllino.

    Since the pins to transmit the code into the Controllino (into the processor) are the same than TX and RX of the RS232 Serial port (TX = Transmit, RX = Receive) and some orange LED’s are connected also to the same pins, they will blink for any communication between your PC and the Controllino.

    After looking at the blinking of this LED’s, you can be sure that the code is uploaded.

    And, if you want more, you can connect the Controllino to the supply (batteries, transformators, etc) and look if it does what you wrote on your code.

    Sure it exist some software to compare the contect of the Controllino with your compiled code. But I think it isn’t necessary.