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  • mr-controllino

    February 24, 2021 at 12:52 pm

    Hello Friedl,

    The OVL LED is not green … it is RED. And if the OVL would be on … you would recognize it!

    1) If you supply only 5V over USB … both LEDs (12V/24V) are green. This is normal.

    2) If you switch on the power supply with 24V … of course the 12V LED goes orange and the 24V LED goes green at MINI, MAXI, MEGA. This indicates the supply mode you are in.

    3) The MAXI Automation is somehow special because it is only for 24V supply. So, the 12V LED is there but not used.

    4) If you disconnect the 24V power supply … but you still have the USB connected … the Logic part of the internal parts are still powered. But the more powerful parts … like digital power drivers are not supplied on one side. In this case it can happen that the OVL LED goes on because the driver thinks he is not able to deliver the current needed. So, it is indicating OVL. As you have discovered by yourself … it goes away after some time.

    To solve all of this … supply the CONTROLLINO with the voltage needed … which is 12V or 24V over a proper power supply. The USB supply is quasi only for programming.