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  • Jarda

    May 18, 2020 at 11:11 am


    yes, you can use this pad marked RTC/INT. Pad close the the part of the text “RTC” (upper one when text is readable) is going to RTC output.

    But there is also internal pull-up connected to +5V is on the board on the RTC output and with Internal pull down of the Interrupt input it will make divider so there will be maximum 2,8V on the processor pin. So it will be not proper LOG HIGH there, but shall work ;) .

    BUT signal from RTC is also at CONTROLLINO MAXI connected to PJ4 – PCINT13 (in parallel with PJ7), which is not Arduino supported interrupt, but if you are able write your code in the way that it is interrupt (see for example” class=”bbcode_url”> ) you can also use this without HW modification.