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  • Jarda

    February 24, 2020 at 12:07 pm

    Dear Petros,

    It is hard to support you with this without knowing of all background, but i will try.

    In general, CONTROLLINO contains high side switches where you can drive every solenoid ventile (12V or 24V) with maximum current of 2A. Please be careful, there will be needed freewheeling diode external because of inductive load. Search in google “solenoid valve coil 12v” and find the proper ones.

    For the controlling of 3way valve you can use CONTROLLINO MAXI Automation with 0-10V analog output – if 10V is enough for your application.

    Temperature sensors you can use with digital (for example DS18B20) or for example LM35 with analog output and measure it via CONTROLLINO analog input (maybe some signal conditioning – amplifier will be good). Flow sensor is the similar.

    Best Regards