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  • marcel00

    July 4, 2019 at 9:13 am

    Hello Lukas,

    flashing works now. But only if I open the serial monitor in the Arduino IDE. I use a control LED on pin 43. If I press a momentary switch on pin 42 this LED is turned off and EEPROM flash address 1FF is set to F00. Now I turn of the MCU and after switching on Arduino MEGA 2560 immediately starts to flash from SD card but the MAXI Automation does not. It only starts to flash if I start the Arduino IDE and open the Serial monitor. Than it starts to flash and after finishing LED on pin 42 starts to light up again. It would be nice if this is not needed and the LED would blink while flashing instead of the one connected to PB7 at the Arduino MEGA2560. PB7 is the AO1 at the Maxi automation so you will not see it if it is not connected to a lamp.

    So how can I emulate a sort of reset as it is done if the Serial monitor is opened and how can I compile the SD dual bootloader after PB7 has been changed to PL7 (pin 42)?

    Best regards,