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  • set-comm

    April 12, 2019 at 5:13 pm

    Thanks Lukas !

    I really like this Arduino-PLC integration as it can help me solve some controlling projects for my own company.

    Regarding “reset behavior” of the unit, in my opinion, maybe it’s gonna be better to use Controllino taking advantage that it is a ruggedized-industrial microcontroller only, and wait until Controllino take care of details in the future (pretty sure they can easily if requested by most of users), cause I’m pretty sure integrators don’t want processes reset when in operation just for opening aplications programs via USB port .

    I’m using UNO and Leonardo, even managed by Server and my programs (C# pgms/browser) are not affected by this detail…It only happens with MEGA2560 and its CLONS , maybe same firmware. I have not checked with an app via Ethernet port yet, hopefully this can help overcome this commented detail.

    Thank you !