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  • mr-controllino

    March 6, 2019 at 2:00 pm

    Hello Ran,

    Would be interesting to know what do you mean by your questions and what answers do you expect!

    Company stability? YES, the company is in a very stabile building. I dont see any risks that it will break down! If you have not expected this answer … well what kind of answer do you expect in a Forum like this? Do you think I will show you all the company numbers???

    But of course in your list are also questions that I can answer …

    How long does the company exist? 3 years.

    And if the question about the supply chain was a question of how long the products will be available … then I can tell you … at least for 10 years and more.

    Do the products suffer from pediatric illnesses? What kind of question is this? I think you meant teething troubles!

    Not that I am aware of.