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  • tara

    March 28, 2019 at 9:51 am

    the issue with the interconnection of the RTC INT and RESET of the CONTROLLING Smaller than usual was tackled by an equipment change in 2016.

    I accept this isn’t the underlying driver of your inconveniences. expressed that it is as yet conceivable to speak with the sketch – so the gadget is clearly not in the changeless reset state.

    We have watched comparable conduct as well, yet up to now, it isn’t clear what is the reason. The most plausible clarification is, that once you program an undermined sketch (debasement occurs amid the transfer) the gadget is then avoiding the bootloader and dependably hops straightforwardly to the sketch after a reset. At that point, the avrdude isn’t conversing with the bootloader, however with the sketch.