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  • Lukas

    February 26, 2019 at 4:10 pm

    I understand your setup and the problem. I am afraid that existing Arduino solution (also used in CONTROLLINO) – Arduino bootloader and Avrdude commanded from Arduino IDE – is not prepared for such a usage. Please note that programming COM port open/close resets the main microcontroller. So, when you upload a sketch and Avrdude checks the content and sees that the upload has failed it closes the COM port and resets the micrcontroller = executes the corrupted binary. It may result to any issue one can imagine.

    From my point of view the firmware update of CONTROLLINO connected to a machine should be done very carefully, when all peripherals are disconnected or at least “deactivated” and the new FW should be verified before the machine is started again.

    So, the best solution for the remote update should be to implement your own bootloader which ensures 100% secure procedure for the FW update.

    What do you think?