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  • ingmar

    February 12, 2019 at 3:38 pm

    Lukas wrote:


    the issue with interconnection of the RTC INT and RESET of the CONTROLLINO MINI was solved by a hardware modification in 2016.

    I assume that this is not the root cause of your troubles. stated that it is still possible to communicate with the sketch – so the device is obviously not in the permanent reset state.

    We have observed similar behaviour too, but up to now it is not clear what is the reason. The most probable explanation is, that once you program a corrupted sketch (corruption happens during the upload) the device is then skipping the bootloader and always jumps directly to the sketch after a reset. Then the avrdude is not talking with the bootloader, but with the sketch.

    Please see our FAQ No.10 here

    Thank you for the answer. Too bad I did not read this faq carefully when we had the problem. Already ordered new controller and the machine was not working for few days.