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  • ingmar

    February 11, 2019 at 4:59 pm

    Got it working now, here is the tutorial how to reset it:

    But I think there is some issue with this product ,I did not touch the RTC stuff. Also found another instance of this issue on internet.


    I just received an answer from the official team which should work, I’ll leave it here for further reference:

    Open the device and disconnect (remove) connection board for approx. 30 seconds from the control board – RTC is disconnected from power (gold cap disconnected) and because of that there is reset of all RTC registers.
    Plug the connection board back in to the control board. Now we need to rewrite the SW inside the Controllino which caused wrong RTC setting.
    Open the Controllino example RTC sketch in Arduino IDE and prepare it to upload (function Controllino_RTC_init(0); shall reset all registers inside the RTC).
    Pres and hold reset button on the Controllino device.
    Connect the USB Cable (still hold the reset button, SW inside the Controllino doesn’t start)
    Click for upload the sketch in Aruduino IDE and wait for „uploading“ message on debug line, than immediately release the reset button and uploading shall be finished (=> hold the reset button during the compiling phase)
    If not successful, repeat the procedure