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  • Bri-Guy

    February 11, 2022 at 7:28 pm

    OK, I guess there are NO takers for the EA3-T4CL!

    Does anyone have experience using a Controllino Maxi Automation with a Maple Systems HMI like the HMI5070B ???

    Would I use a MODBUS TCP/IP protocol? Is the HMI the master or the PLC? Maple recommends the Controllino as the Master from their documents.

    If that is the case then ==> 1.) Do I need to ASSIGN a static IP address tot he Controllino in code? 2.) Will the Controllino need a MAC address assigned?? 3.) If I do NOT intend to use a router (unless someone can tell me why I should) will I need a cross-over cable rather than a regular straight “patch” cable??

    New to the HMI think with Controllino’s so I am asking for some good advice here.