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  • Kwaaigone

    November 8, 2021 at 6:07 am

    Hi Everyone

    I managed to solve my own issue by just using normal serial communication, like the tutorial example of the DemoRS485, and not using the ModbusRtu.h related modbus code available in the tutorials.

    Although I did manage to have the controllino MAXI act as a master and perform the required operations, I do still experience some sort of issue where it seems the device does not handle multiple slave addresses and quick concurrent communication to said devices very well.

    I hooked up 3 slave devices to my MAXI master, with slave addresses 1, 3, 4.

    A SH20 temperature and Humidity sensor, a Modbus RTU 4CH relay module and a N4DBA06 analogue and digital input /output device. In my loop code I would perform various register read and write operations like reading the humidity, then reading a 4-20mA input, and setting a voltage output, etc.., and like I stated, the device seems to struggle and sometimes not work as expected or not at all. I had to put in multiple delays between code lines and that would seem to sometimes either help or hinder.

    <font face=”inherit”>Maybe someone has similar experiences and could share some </font>insight<font face=”inherit”>? Is this perhaps a possible hardware issue, or a software issue?</font>

    Any info would be appreciated.