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  • LeoOfVenice

    May 4, 2021 at 12:55 pm

    @Johnnycatt now it is clear…

    This is my first project with a CONTROLLINO MINI

    I’m following this forum for a long time to see how
    connect this kind of encoder …
    and finally saw your post. !

    It is a test machine to compress a spring and test speed in extension.

    In this project there is a pneumatic actuator, used to compress the spring,
    controlled by one relay port of controllino

    There is a magnetic sensor on actuator to report
    if the spring is compressed and start the measurement

    The encoder is used to calculate the speed of spring in extension

    At the end of spring stroke there is another
    proximity sensor to detect if the spring has ended its movement.

    All data are send on a NEXTION screen where buildng a GRAPH of speed.