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  • Johnnycatt

    May 4, 2021 at 9:46 am


    I am using the Screw Terminals A0 and A1.

    I am NOT using the <controllino.h> library, but just the basic “arduino coding.” I have made a mistake and uploaded my Arduino UNO code I was using for practice, NOT my Controllino Code (I will try to edit the original sketch).

    The Controllino code should read:

    unsigned long A = A0;

    unsigned long B = A1;

    NOTE: “unsigned long” is not needed here, but I originally used “int” for all my variables in the sketch and with a 600 pulse-per-revolution enocoder, I ran out of numbers very fast and replaced ALL my “int” with “unsigned long.”

    As for the Pull-up resistors, I soldered two 6.8kOhm resistors (in parallel) to the end of a wire. One resistor was put into A0 and the other in A1. The other end of the wire was connected to my 12V supply.

    AS for the encoder, Channel A from the encoder is ALSO in Screw Pin A0. Channel B is in Screw Pin A1 with it’s resistor. It is not a pretty solution, but it works perfectly.

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