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  • Johnnycatt

    May 1, 2021 at 10:17 am

    For those who may need this answered in the future.

    After doing a bit of digging, I discovered this thread:

    Which eventually led to this solution:

    In short, I simply needed two “pull-up resistors.” To solve my problem and get the LPD3806 encoder working, I added a resistor (I used a 6.8kOhm) to both input pins (Input0 and Input1) in the same input screw terminals that the Encoder leads were attached. I connected the resistors to the 12v power supply.

    In the Code, I changed pinMode(1, INPUT_PULLUP); and pinMode(2, INPUT_PULLUP); to pinMode(1, INPUT); and pinMode(2, INPUT);

    WORKS GREAT! This is the code Used to read the encoder (I did not use the CONROLLINO.h library for this project):

    //***************************BEGIN CODE******************************

    unsigned long A = 3;

    unsigned long B = 2;

    unsigned long currentStateA;

    unsigned long lastStateA;

    unsigned long pulse;

    unsigned long previousPulse;

    void setup () {

    pinMode(A,INPUT); // not INPUT_PULLUP since we are attaching external Pullup reistors

    pinMode(B,INPUT); //not INPUT_PULLUP since we are attaching external Pullup reistors

    lastStateA = digitalRead(A);



    void loop() {

    currentStateA = digitalRead(A);

    if (currentStateA != lastStateA && currentStateA == 1){

    if (digitalRead(B) != currentStateA) {

    pulse –;


    else {

    pulse ++;



    lastStateA = currentStateA;

    //delay(1) you may need to add a very short delay here to de-bounce signal depending on // your speed (RPM)

    if (pulse != previousPulse) {



    previousPulse = pulse;


    //*******************************END CODE*****************************

    Controllino is a great product, I wish it had switches to disable the internal pull-down resistors to allow for “INPUT_PULLUP’ code to be used, but hopefully this answer helps someone in the future.

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