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  • ivan-controllino

    March 9, 2021 at 11:20 am

    Hi Friedl,

    thank you again for your feedback. Actually, this is a feature by design. Imagine it like Linkedin or Instagram or something… when you are not logged in, you basically see posts from all over the platform, but when you are logged in, you only see the one’s of your friends and connections.

    We already had internal discussions on if we want to do it like that, and it’s still not 100% finalized. We even think that for now, every user should see everything, even if logged in. This gives the platform a little bit more “life” and dynamics if it’s just a smaller circle of people for now.

    EDIT: Another thing I want to mention here is that we definitely want to include user feedback into the decision of how we will eventually do it in the end. But as our community is quite small at the moment, there’s just not enough user voices that help us understand how we should do it best. This means, for now we will discuss this internally with our team, and let you know what our decision was on that one as soon as we have discussed it.