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  • Lro007

    January 15, 2021 at 7:42 pm

    Hi Ivan…

    ok, got it, i ‘ve already sent an e-mail to see if the information provided on the manuals can be changed according to the specific model so this kind of confusion can be prevented in the future..

    In the meantime, and just for you to know, I am doing some tests with a Controllino Maxi Pure,

    Power supply –> 12 VDC

    Analog Input connected directy to 12 VDC

    Result for AnalogRead of the Input = around 803

    This is the expected conversion, seems ok, but then again, with this setup the only possible way for me to get the full range (0-1024) is to have an Input ranging from 0 — 15,36 VDC and the official instruction Manual reads: “If you use a 12V supply voltage the measured value can be between 0-13,2V”… so the full scale of the 10 bit resolution will be unattainable