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  • ivan-controllino

    January 14, 2021 at 3:14 pm

    Hi again, Lro007.

    I’m moving your activity feed reply here into the forum:

    Hi Ivan

    thank you so much for for reply…
    I just review (again) the information for the controllino Maxi Power Automation, and i could not find that specific piece of information regarding the no internal switch for 12 V… (maybe i’m not looking at the right place); since i really need to look for a solution can you tell me if there is a Workaround for this situation?


    Comment replies in the activity feed are actually not there to reply to a forum topic. As it’s indeed a bit confusing, we have now removed the comment function for activity feed posts that are about discussions.

    Anyway, I can definitely ask the team if there is a workaround, as I’m not 100% aware of all technical details. Can you please describe me what your use case is and what you are trying to achieve / how the end result should look like? Thanks a lot!