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  • Maxi doesn’t work well after disconnecting USB

  • Jaron

    October 10, 2023 at 2:32 pm

    Controllino maxi works fine when connected to USB and 24V(adjustable) power supply, but when I remove the USB it doesn’t seem to work properly. Basically a potentiometer feeds a 4-digit-7-segment display controlling the stepper motor steps. The button controls stepper/motor powered by relay while pressed. When USB is disconnected and pressing the button, OVL and R0 would trigger going on and off together at about .5hz and occasionally after a several seconds R0 would stay on w/0 the OVL on allowing the motor to move. Sometimes, they would trigger on/off at .5 hz This doesn’t happen when USB is connected with the power supply.

    Controllino Maxi 24V
    Stepper Motor/Driver- Pins:D7/D8 24V (Shared with power supply on R0)
    Potentiometer- Pin: A6 (5V-X2)
    Display- Pins: D0/D1 (5V-X1)
    Button- Pin: A4 (x1) 5V screw terminal

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